The following accessibility features have been implemented on our site:

Accessibility and Usability of Our Site
Our website strives to uphold the principles and best practice of data protection guidelines. Our central objective is users finding our site accessible and useable in practice. Attention to the accessibility of the code, it's validity and use ability, plus end-user testing in multiple browsers ensures that this is the case.

Site Code
The site has been built to comply with standards,  every stage the code has been checked for accessibility using a range of automated and manual checks. In older browsers where CSS is not supported it will appear as an unstyled document. All information and functionality will still be accessible.

This site makes occasional use of JavaScript to enhance the user experience, however, no part of the website is reliant on it and all content is available to all users regardless of whether JavaScript is enabled on their browser or not.

Navigation and Quick Links
Navigation is held in ordered lists to be meaningful to speech browsers. There are hidden links the top of every page which when triggered will skip directly to the main page content or to the navigation list as required. The bottom of every page contains links to the navigation list and to jump to the top of the page. All these links are visible when the site is viewed without a stylesheet and will be spoken by screen-reading software.

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