Transdev and Corporate Social Responsibility


As a part of TRANSDEV’s overall business vision ‘Mobility Inspired by You’ and as the Luas transport operator, TRANSDEV are committed to working towards a more sustainable future for Dublin’s businesses and citizens.

TRANSDEV’s goal is to undertake a responsible approach through the way we do business and connect with others. We always strive to excel ourselves and to be a proactive and engaging partner, anticipating the needs of our stakeholders...

In order to formalise TRANSDEV’s approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and to evaluate all of our activities, “Going the Extra Mile”, our CSR plan was created. The plan is inspired by the ISO 26000:2010 Social Responsibility Standard, with the ultimate goal of ensuring responsible business practices internally and externally, and in all fields of sustainable development. The management system includes objectives, indicators and initiatives in five categories: marketplace, workplace, environment, community and management & communication. All these areas are supported by a robust reporting system.




Transdev Dublin’s goal is to undertake a responsible approach in the way we do business and connect with others. As a result, we launched ‘Going the Extra Mile’, our Corporate Social Responsibility Plan, which outlines our ambitions in four areas: Workplace, Marketplace, Community and Environment. In partnership with employees and stakeholders, we always strive to do business in a responsible and ethical way, to be a responsible leader - fair, transparent and open - and to continuously improve our activity and practices. See here for a summary of what we have achieved in 2015.

Business Working Responsibly

TRANSDEV were awarded the Business in the Community Ireland’s (BITCI) ‘Business Working Responsibly’ Mark in 2012, Ireland’s only certification for responsible and sustainable business practices.

The ‘Business Working Responsibly’ Mark is achieved by auditing the company on its sustainable and responsible practices in the area of the environment, workplace, marketplace, community engagement, reporting, governance and communication.




  • Winner of the Safety Award in the Irish Logistics and Transport Awards 2016
  • Winner of the Green Mover Award in the Irish Logistics and Transport Awards 2016
  • Winner of Green Transport Award at Green Awards 2015
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System (7 years)
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (7 years)
  • Transdev Dublin was awarded the ‘Business Working Responsibly’ Mark – 2012 and 2014
  • Finalist in the Sustainable Energy Awards in the Research category – 2013
  • Dublin’s Transport Links, Racism Divides’ campaign was shortlisted as finalist in the Chambers CSR Awards 2013
  • Irish Institute of Training and Development - Outstanding Achievement Award - 2012
  • Finalist in the Sustainable Energy Awards for Energy Efficiency - 2012
  • Finalist in the Sustainable Energy Awards for Energy Awareness - 2012
  • Finalist in the Green Awards 2011, category ‘Green Travel Initiatives’ - 2011
  • Irish Institute of Training and Development – Award Winner for Large Enterprises - 2011
  • Highly commended in the 2011 Light Rail Awards, category ‘Environmental Initiative of the Year’ - 2011

Marketplace Activities


This initiative sees members of Transdev Dublin and Transport Infrastructure Ireland Management teams surveying passengers at stops and asking them for their opinion of Luas, seeking feedback to inform continuous improvement.

Over the years, TRANSDEV have improved this exercise by introducing an online survey, branded jackets specific for the exercise and promotion through social media. This exercise recorded a satisfaction level of 836% in February/March 2015.

Meet the Manager allows us to identify customer issues and take actions for change. For instance, in 2010 we identified security as a customer issue and as a result of this direct customer and staff feedback we made a decision to again increase our security levels. We also entered into partnership with Merchants Quay Ireland to carry out a study on begging and anti-social behaviour.



In 2014 over 32 million passengers travelled on Luas and as the network operator, Transdev Dublin’s first priority is to ensure all passengers can travel as comfortably and safely as possible. Anti-social behaviour is one of the many challenges of managing a transport service and can impact all of our stakeholders, from Luas customers to the entire city. Through customer satisfaction surveys and feedback channels, customers identified anti-social behaviour as being on the increase and expressed the opinion that it was jeopardising their satisfaction. Tackling this trend is crucial for us. It enhances Transdev Dublin’s core transport service to ensure that passengers can travel in the highest possible comfort, therefore supporting the sustainability of the service over the long term as well as boosting the city’s sustainability credentials.

The ‘Tram Watch’ initiative provided TRANSDEV with the opportunity to showcase leadership in the public transport sector in the way we address a city-scaled security issue. The initiative is the first of its kind in Ireland and other Dublin public transport providers are now looking at replicating an identical programme on their networks.

The ‘Tram Watch’ initiative brings together the Luas operator, Transdev Dublin, Luas security provider STT, An Garda Síochána and the Department of Social Protection to minimise anti-social behaviour and fare evasion and to ensure all passengers can travel as comfortably and safely as possible.

A calendar is prepared outlining dates, times and specific areas the ‘Tram Watch’ teams will be patrolling. The teams consist of one Transdev Manager, three Luas Revenue Protection Officers, two STT Security Officers, Garda support, a Traffic Supervisor available for radio communications in the Luas Control Room and a dedicated phone line available in the Department of Social Protection.

Passengers found without a ticket or with an invalid ticket are issued with a Standard Fare Notice. The Gardaí assist with confirming names and addresses. If a passenger is found to be travelling on a social welfare free travel pass, a call is made to the Department of Social Protection to confirm the pass is valid. If it is deemed not to be, it is confiscated and returned to the Department.

Our patrols also deal with individuals behaving in an anti-social manner on-board and at stops. A number of arrests have been made since the start of ‘Tram Watch’.

The initiative has been extremely well received by customers, politicians and media. We conducted an online survey in June 2013 on luas.ie and 71.2% of respondents said ‘Tram Watch’ was an effective way to reduce anti-social behaviour on Luas.

Workplace Activities


An Employee Assistance Programme managed by Laya Healthcare is provided by Transdev Dublin for all its employees. The Employee Assistance Programme is a confidential support line that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When an employee calls with an issue they are given counselling or information over the phone. They can be carefully assessed for onward referral for face-to-face counselling at a time and place that suits them.

The counselling service can be used by all employees and their families for advice on a range of issues. Counsellors are trained to help callers feel comfortable in sharing their problems and looking for a resolution. Problems could include: stress, managing change, legal matters, financial or debt worries, harassment, relationship difficulties, bereavement, trauma, career concerns, drug or alcohol abuse and depression.

There are 23 nationalities represented in Transdev Dublin and providing a safe and secure work environment to all of our employees is a top priority. Several issues have been identified by employees in recent years regarding effective diversity management. To respond to these issues, a Diversity training program was rolled out to all Transdev Dublin commercial frontline staff in 2013. This two-day training aimed to develop skills, knowledge and techniques to deal effectively with growing diversity in Ireland. It supports personal and professional competence in dealing confidently with human and social difference in a commercial transport context. The training was provided by an independent training company called Universal Learning Systems.

By the end of the training, participants were able to demonstrate the following learnings:

  • Self-awareness on bias, stereotypes, discrimination and prejudices about diverse groups
  • Understanding key elements in human difference
  • Defining the main elements of cultural difference that lie behind diversity issues in the commercial transport sector
  • Inter-culturalism and institutional discrimination
  • Evaluating the critical roles of leadership and organisational culture in addressing equal opportunities, equity and diversity management.
  • Examining work based solutions in diversity management and HR practice in the operations, customer relations and business model of Transdev Dublin
  • Techniques and methods in managing conflict
  • Describing key components of diversity in terms of rationale, origin, rights and legislation

Community Activities


In 2012, TRANSDEV decided to go a step further in our commitment to work hand in hand with communities. We partnered with Business in the Community Ireland and with their assistance now work closely with St. Aidan’s School in Brookfield, Tallaght, situated on the LUAS Red Line. Employees from Transdev Dublin mentored 28 children from St Aidan’s for the year. There were 6 scheduled mentoring sessions with the students on different topics and there were many other spin off sessions throughout the year.

The scheduled sessions covered the following topics:

  • A day in the life of a Transdev employee.
  • A CV workshop and Interview Skills Talk
  • Mock Interviews
  • Customer Care Day

At the end of the programme, the students from St Aidans presented the participating TRANSDEV employees with the lessons they learned during the year and how the programme was beneficial to them and their school.

This programme has been so successful that it has been run every year since 2012, with the sessions being refined continuously.

TRANSDEV are also looking to run a similar project with a school based on the LUAS Green line.

TRANSDEV have piloted other smaller once-off projects with schools and community groups that are close to the Luas Lines. In 2015 we began the process of expanding the School Business Partnership Programme into a second school, this time located on the LUAS Green Line at St Tiernan’s Community School in Dundrum.


Transdev Dublin partnered with Business in the Community Ireland, the non-profit CSR network by supporting their “Ready for Work” Programme. The programme supports people who are marginalised, particularly those who have been homeless, in returning to work. During the summer of 2013, job seekers on the Ready for Work programme were invited to a customer service workshop in the Luas Red Cow Depot where Transdev employees shared their customer care programme called Going for Care. This programme focuses on the importance of customer care to a business.

The partnership has been further enhanced as Transdev Dublin has committed to giving work experience in Luas Customer Care to a participant on the programme.

The HR Department also work with some participants on their interview techniques and CVs. A strong CV and interview techniques are a very important part of the Ready to Work programme.

Tina Roche, CEO of Business in the Community Ireland commented, “Transdev’s partnership with the Ready for Work programme is an excellent example of how business can play a role in addressing a fundamental issue that is connected to our social and economic wellbeing as a nation. Any person seeking employment, particularly those with high barriers to employment, need exposure to workplace settings and expertise that inspires them to overcome those barriers. This training for Ready for Work participants was exactly that. It was one of the most highly rated training workshops we have ever offered.


TRANSDEV’s relationship with St Aidans went a step further than the Skills at Work Programme in 2014 when we decided, along with other Luas suppliers, to create a Luas Lecture Room in the school. The room now resembles a tram carriage with upholstered Luas seats, yellow bars, flashing lights and painted walls. It is an interactive lecture room created by Luas employees using their many different skill sets and was completed in winter 2014.  It is open to all students and available to local communities to use for meetings.



Management and Communications Activities


Transdev Dublin became aware that front line staff were becoming more and more subjected to racist abuse during their working day. 23 nationalities are represented in the company and 23% of our staff have migration background.

TRANSDEV have zero tolerance of racist abuse and work to protect and support both our customers and employees. Since 2010, TRANSDEV have been working closely with The Immigrant Council of Ireland (ICI), an independent human rights organisation and registered charity which advocates the rights of migrants and their families. As part of its anti-racism work, ICI provides a racist incidents support service to victims and witnesses.

The aims of the partnership are to assess the real level of racist abuse directed at Luas staff and passengers, to raise awareness of incidents of racism on public transport and to encourage individuals to report these incidents. Over the past two years, the ICI and Transdev Dublin jointly conducted employee focus groups. One of the findings from a focus group in 2012 was the need for the company to invest in diversity training at all levels across the organisation, for new and current employees. A training programme was rolled out to all commercial staff in 2013.

Transdev Dublin also supported ICI’s research and publications regarding racism in Ireland. We decided in 2012 to go the extra mile and use the momentum of the European Week Against Racism 2013 to support a high profile publicity campaign across trams, buses, trains and taxis: ‘Dublin’s Transport Links, Racism Divides’. The campaign saw all Dublin’s transport providers working together to tackle the social issue of racism. This campaign has further solidified the commitment of the company, in collaboration with the ICI, NTA, TII and other transport providers, to send a clear and unified message to users of public transport that racism will not be tolerated.

The ‘Dublin’s Transport Links, Racism Divides’ campaign was shortlisted as finalist in the Chambers CSR Awards 2013.

TRANSDEV continue to have members of staff talk at ICI events and attend conferences and recently developed a new Diversity Policy.


Transdev Dublin are engaged in various initiatives in order to promote CSR at a city and national level.

In the spring 2013, MD Brian Brennan, along with Business in the Community Ireland presented to members of the Houses of the Oireachtas (Irish Parliament) the benefits of the “Business Working Responsibly Mark” audit and of CSR programmes.

Since summer 2012, Transdev Dublin participates in a UN Programme, “Safe Cities for Women” run by Dublin City Council aimed at bringing various Dublin City stakeholders together in order to assess which measures can be implemented in Dublin to make it a safe place to live and travel.

Transdev Dublin consults on a daily, weekly and monthly basis with key stakeholders: TII, Alstom, An Garda Síochána, Employees, Union, Councils, Community groups, charities and interested parties such as major health institutions, retail centres, sport & entertainment venues and touristic locations. Their views and initiatives are incorporated into our service delivery and goal setting.

In 2015, TRANSDEV became involved in a pilot project aimed at promoting collaboration of companies CSR activities in a particular Dublin location in order to tackle community issues. The project was established by Business in the Community. Initially, a social mapping exercise was undertaken of the Dublin 1 locality to better understand the most pressing social issues of the local community and then highlight the work already being done by a the companies involved in the project. The next step of the project will be to develop initiatives and actions whereby the companies involved combine their efforts and concentrate on the most pressing social issues.   

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