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Transdev was among the first to propose real-time information solutions to help travelers on the move, providing access at home, on holiday or in vehicles to key travel information including mode choice, time, traffic and route calculation.

The official App of the LUAS, Dublin's Tram network provides LUAS users with the following:

Real-time forecasts of tram arrivals at each stop.
Live travel updates regarding the LUAS service.
Identify your nearest Stop and get directions to it.
Calculate fares between two Stops.
Check operating hours.


Transdev Dublin, in co-operation with TII and Transdev Group developed the Luas Eco-Calculator, an online tool allowing Luas passengers to calculate how much CO2 they are saving by taking a trip on Luas instead of a private car. In 2012, we developed this tool on our mobile website so passengers can now check how environmentally friendly they are on the go.


Transdev Dublin give Luas passengers the option to pay their standard fare notice online. This encourages cusomters to pay faster to avoid penalties and means they have the option of paperless payments.

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