Transdev Dublin focuses on increasing public and staff usage of sustainable transport options and channels of information, the objective being to involve our core stakeholders in the effort to make Dublin a “greener” city. For this purpose, we developed new digital channels, such as the Luas Mobile Website, m.luas.ie, developed our activity on social media platforms and ran a multi-channel advertising campaign on the benefits of travelling in a sustainable manner.

Transdev Dublin, in co-operation with RPA (now TII) and Transdev Group developed the Luas Eco-Calculator, an online tool allowing Luas passengers to calculate how much CO2 they are saving by taking a trip on Luas instead of a private car. In 2012, we developed this tool on our mobile website so passengers can now check how environmentally friendly they are on the go.

The Green Team from Transdev Dublin featured in Transdev 'Live' magazine - "Through its initiatives to reduce its energy consumption and raise awareness among employees and the public, Luas, the light rail network of Dublin,Ireland, has become one of Europe’s most successful networks in environmental management." To read full Live magazine click here.


Transdev Dublin in collaboration with the TII through the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) commissioned a research programme to investigate options for reducing energy in the operational phase of a Luas. The research was completed by a Graduate of the Transport Engineering degree in DIT, who also has significant experience of Luas operations from a college work placement completed in 2010-2011.

The research covered all aspects of the Luas system: rolling stock, infrastructure and Luas operations. As a result of the research, we identified energy reduction initiatives which have the potential to significantly reduce the energy consumption of Luas operations and increase sustainability. The significance of the research has been recognised by light rail operators in Barcelona (Spain), Lyon and Paris (France) who are now looking into the results and knowledge gained through the research.


As a transport company, Transdev Dublin believes that it is through increasing staff awareness about sustainable transport that we will achieve excellence in our environmental performance. Therefore, over the past few years, we have made staff awareness one of our priorities, with a particular effort to reach Luas drivers.

The Green Team was set up as the primary mechanism for transmitting these messages, promoting awareness and developing initiatives. Regular internal campaigns and “green” initiatives have highlighted why thinking green is important and what can staff do to contribute to sustainability. Areas concentrated on include:

In 2011, we held the first Transdev Dublin ‘Green Week’ in which all employees were able to test drive electric vehicles (electric car, electric bikes, Segways) and dispose of their unwanted electrical goods in dedicated cages. We also encouraged staff to participate in a “Green” Competition, in which they could share an environmental idea for the workplace or the Luas tram. The competition achieved a 70% participation rate and once the competition was over, we displayed staff ideas on posters in the depots. The “Green Week” initiative was a real success and created a very positive atmosphere in the workplace. The initiative was repeated in 2012 and a date has been set again for 2014.

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