Transdev Ireland,

Operator and Maintainer of Luas,

Dublin’s Light Rail system.

Welcome to Transdev Ireland 

Transdev Ireland operate Luas, Dublin’s Light Rail system.

Transdev worldwide is one of the largest public transport operators in Europe with a reputation for delivering high quality local public transport.

Transdev is active in all aspects of public transport provision from the organisation and management of major projects to the development of passenger services and the operation of networks.

Every year 3.3 billion passengers travel on Transdev’s tram, metro, train, transport on demand, bus and coach networks.

Here in Ireland, 38 million passenger journeys were made on Luas in 2022 with an average 120,000+ passenger journeys made each day.

In 2020/2021, Luas passenger journeys were strongly impacted by COVID-19 with a significant decrease on passenger journeys since March. 19.2 million passenger journeys were made on the system which represents a decrease of 60.3% on 2019.

Our client is Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII), the government body with responsibility for Luas and other transport projects.

Previously known as Veolia Transdev the name changed following a company merger.

Who are we?

With a presence in 18 countries worldwide, Transdev is the world reference in public passenger transportation. Transdev covers the whole transport chain to offer the best response to the needs of passengers and local government authorities.

What sets Transdev apart from the competition?

Out of all the public transport groups, Transdev is the most internationally oriented, offering the widest range of intermodal and integrated services. It is virtually unique in its involvement in every stage of public transport projects, including design, operation and maintenance…

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