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Luas – a breath of fresh air for Dublin

Around the world, light rail transit (LRT) has become the symbol of a revival in public transportation. With around 400 systems already running in 50 countries and another 260 being built or on the drawing board, light rail is enjoying a new golden age in cities eager to promote more sustainable travel solutions.

Passengers overwhelmingly support a major shift back to a transit system transformed by high-end design and the highest standards of service.

Yet LRT does more than just modernise mobility: it also breathes new life into the urban environment.

Luas is a classic example of this. Luas has breathed new life into Dublin City and is loved by all her citizens.

An alternative to cars in cities, light rail provides speed, frequency, on-time performance, and accessibility.

In Brief:

There are two Luas tram lines the Red line and the Green line.  

  • The Red Line is 20km in length and has 32 stops. The Red Line runs from The Point to Tallaght and from Connolly to Saggart.
  • The Green Line is 22.1 km in length and has 35 stops. The Green Line runs from Broombridge to Brides Glen.

Extensions to the Luas lines occurred on the following dates:

  • Red Line Extension to Docklands (Busáras to The Point): December 8th 2009
  • Green Line Extension to Cherrywood (Sandyford to Brides Glen): October 16th 2010
  • Red Line Extension to Citywest (Belgard to Saggart): July 2nd 2011
  • Green Line Extension to Broombridge (St. Stephen’s Green to Broombridge): December 9th 2017

The Trams:

There are 73 vehicles in total.
The trams are manufactured in La Rochelle, France by Alstom Transport.
They are model type Citadis 301,401, 402, and 502.
The trams range from 40m – 55m.

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