A Brief History

From the awarding of contracts to Luas Line Extensions, a brief look over the last 20 years!

July ’97:A Public Inquiry is held as a mandatory requirement of the Transport (Dublin Light Rail) Act, 1996.
May ’98:The Irish Government gives the green light to the Light Rail Transit system project.
October ’00:Construction of the first Luas line starts.
December ’00:The tender to find an operator for the Luas system is published.
December ’01:Establishment of the Railway Procurement Agency (now Transport Infrastructure Ireland), acting as a stand alone, commercial semi-state organisation.
February ’02:The Minister of Public Entreprise announces that Connex Transport Ireland is the preferred bidder for the Luas operator franchise.
May ’02:Connex Transport Ireland is selected to operate the Luas system.
June ’04:The first line (Green Line) opens on June 20th 2004.
September ’04:The second line (Red Line) opens on September 28th 2004.
April ’06:Connex Transport Ireland Ltd changes its name to Veolia Transport Ireland.
November ’06:Luas carried its 50 millionth passenger.
October ’08:RPA (now TII) extend the Veolia Transport Ireland contract to operate Luas and its future extensions to September 2014.
December ’09:RPA (now TII) open the Luas Docklands extension on December 8th.
October ’10:RPA (now TII) open the Luas Cherrywood extension on October 16th.
March ’11:Veolia Transport merges with Transdev and becomes known as Veolia Transdev.
July ’11:RPA (now TII) open the Luas Citywest extensionon July 2nd.
May ’13:Veolia Transdev Ireland changes name to Transdev.
September ’14:New Luas Operating Contract Awarded to Transdev.
December ’17:TII open the Luas Broombridge extension December 9th. ( known as Luas Cross City )
June ’19:Transdev won contract to Operate and Maintain Luas by TII and NTA 2019 – 2025.
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