Calling for Equality: Transdev CEO Thierry Mallet’s Opinion Editorial

Marie Claire and the Connecting Leaders Club, which Transdev partners with, are launching their ‘Call for Equality’ from Monday 28th September to Friday 2nd October.

Public Transport has historically been a sector employing predominantly men, and even today women account for only 25% of the staff of transportation operators – despite representing 60% of passengers.

Thierry Mallet, Transdev CEO, announced his commitments to further gender equality for Transdev:

“We are moving towards diversity at all levels of the hierarchy. Already 50% of our senior management hires are women. Our objective: to reach 50% women among the top 100 executives by 2025. In addition, I am in favour of a 50% quota for women in executive committees”.

In the Opinion Editorial, Mallet notes the bias in terms of accessibility issues for women, with women managing most childcare activities but also being at risk of aggression and harassment. In ensuring an efficient, safe, and accessible mobility for all, equality for women is crucial.

“Women are and must be the key players in tomorrow’s mobility. Transdev intends to play its role as a structuring actor of the public space by giving women the opportunity to invest in it.”

Read the full Opinion Editorial by clicking here.

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