Coronavirus (COVID-19): Phase 3 of Reopening Ireland

Ireland entered Phase 3 of the Road Map for Reopening Society on Mon 29th Jun. Measures will continue to limit Luas capacity in this phase, especially during peak hours, and we therefore have asked for customers’ understanding and co-operation on this issue.

Though restrictions have eased and people can now travel anywhere in Ireland, the public health advice is still for people to avoid non-essential journeys on public transport. We have continued to ask throughtout the phases that customers only travel on Luas when their journey is essential.

It is has been advised to our customers to use a TFI Leap Card to pay for their trip where possible. We have additionally asked Luas customers to adhere to seating and standing restrictions on board and to follow HSE and Department of Health advice when making essential journeys.

Thank you to Luas employees and to all essential workers who are continuing to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Your efforts are very much appreciated. 

We are all personally responsible for helping to stop the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

We have ask our customers to:

Consider whether their journey is essential. This will ensure that those who must use the service have adequate space to practise physical distancing.

Avoid travelling during morning and evening peak hours and make their journey at other times of the day if at all possible.  

Plan accordingly and allow plenty of time for travel. 

Keep space between themselves and other passengers on trams and on platforms.

Adhere to the seating and standing restrictions on board the tram.

Ensure they adhere to proper respiratory (cough and sneeze) etiquette, covering their mouth with a sleeve or tissue.Follow personal hygiene advice as issued by the HSE and the Department of Health. Always wash their hands properly or use alcohol hand rub wherever possible after using public transport, and avoid touching their face.

Use a Leap Card to pay for travel wherever possible instead of paying for tickets at ticket machines. They do not have to touch the Leap Card to the validator, but hold it as close as they can to the validator without touching it until they see / hear that it has Touched On / Off successfully. Leap Cards can be topped up online at or by using the Leap Card top-up app.

Use a Contactless Payment method when purchasing tickets to limit their contact with surfaces. All Luas Ticket Machines now accept Contactless Payments for credit / debit cards, Google Pay, and Apple Pay for transactions up to €50.

Take their tissues and rubbish with them and dispose of them in bins provided on platforms to help us keep Luas clean.

Wear a face covering, which is to become mandatory, in line with guidelines from the Department of Health.

We are:

Enhancing our cleaning regime to include an additional disinfectant wipe-down of all touch points and the drivers’ cabs. This is in addition to the deep cleaning which takes place daily in line with HSE and Department of Health guidance.

Working to ensure a normal frequency of the service is maintained to accommodate physical distancing as best we can.

Keeping our Customer Service Centre open, Monday – Friday from 7am – 7pm and Saturdays, Sundays, and Bank Holidays from 8am – 6pm to provide you with up to date information and to address any queries you may have.

Changing our procedures for staff in relation to contact with customers to ensure the safety of all. Luas Customer Agents in pink hi-vis vests are on platforms and trams reminding customers of physical distancing guidelines.

Disinfecting touch points on trams when they reach the end of the lines in addition to our enhanced cleaning regime.

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