Luas Achieves 96% Customer Satisfaction Rating

More than nine in ten passengers are satisfied with public transport services, according to research undertaken on behalf of the National Transport Authority by Kantar MillwardBrown.

A total sample of 2,545 customers were interviewed from the 24th May to 30th June 2018. This included Dublin Bus, Bus Éireann, Iarnród Éireann and Luas customers. Luas once again was the highest ranking public transport service, with 96% customer satisfaction.

According to the findings, 93% of passengers are satisfied with the service provided by their transport operator. This is up from 91% compared to the last time this research was carried out in November 2017.

Summary of Customer Satisfaction with Luas

  • Respondents who gave a very satisfied ratings with the service are up from 42% to 47% on last year.
  • When asked, 91% could not think of any improvements.
  • Satisfaction levels with Luas remain very high, even with the challenges faced during and following the extension of the Green Luas line

Luas scored exceptionally well across all attributes, with virtually unanimous satisfaction with frequency (99%). Luas respondents cited extremely high levels of satisfaction overall, particularly with getting to their destination on time (99%) and with comfort and reliability- achieving a 98% satisfaction rating each.

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