Luas Cross City Gauge Run – Key Milestone for Project

The Luas Cross City project has now moved into the testing phase. This weekend Saturday June 17th and Sunday 18th 2017 the gauge run will be completed.

The gauge run is the first time trams will operate on the Luas Cross City section of the Green Line. The purpose of the gauge run is to measure and verify clearances between trams, clearances between the trams and physical objects along the line, the interface between the tram and the rail and also the tram and the overhead wires.

The gauge run will be completed over two days, on Saturday 17th June the on-street city centre sections of the track will be tested. On Sunday 18th June the off-street sections of track will be tested.

Transdev’s role within the test is to manage the tram movements, a number of Transdev staff will be involved in the test including a test coordinator, trams marshals and tram drivers. Should the gauge testing successfully be completed, dynamic testing of the line will then commence. Dynamic testing involves trams operating throughout the Cross City Section at increased speeds.

Luas Cross City Test and Commissioning will continue until the end of August 2017.

A public Awareness Campaign has been conducted prior to the Gauge Run reminding pedestrians, motorists and cyclists to be  Tram Aware. This campaign will continue throughout the testing phase.

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