Seconds Could Change Your Life – A safety message from Luas Transdev

Luas Operator Transdev has launched its appeal to motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists to remember that only seconds could change their life. 

Luas trams travel on a fixed track; trams cannot swerve, trams take time to break and stop, and coming into contact with a tram can result in a serious injury or fatality. 
Luas Drivers continually report the same incidents; pedestrians jaywalking, never looking left and right, often with headphones in and heads down, motorists and cyclists breaking red lights. 

Not breaking red lights and crossing roads and tramways carefully are basic rules of the road which, when broken, can prove fatal. 

Watch the campaign footage, composed of real Luas CCTV footage, below:

Luas is 15 years old this June (passenger services on the Luas Green Line started on the 30th June 2004). People have become familiar with the Luas and its chimes. It has become part of the city’s culture, and its popularity continues to grow with 42 million passenger journeys made on the Luas network in 2018.

Regretfully, as a result of recent incidents involving pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists, Transdev has released new tram CCTV footage which shows motorists and cyclists deliberately breaking red lights at junctions, and pedestrians, some young kids, walking out in front of oncoming trams. 

Advice from Luas to pedestrians and road users is to always remember to: 

•    Stay focused 
•    Always look left and right before crossing Luas tracks
•    Slow down coming up to traffic lights
•    Don’t assume the tram is going to be able to stop instantly 
•    Familiarise yourself with the tram lines 
•    If you see a motorist break a Red Light – report it to An Garda Síochána

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