Customer satisfaction on the Cross City section of the Luas Green Line is running at 97%.

With the Green Line extension now in operation for a full year, independent research shows that customers love it, with just about all customers expressing high levels of  satisfaction.

In addition, 98% of passengers say they would recommend Luas to a family member, friend or colleague.

Transdev would like to say a big thank you to all Luas customers– new and old!

To find out more about who is using it and what they think of the Cross City service, click here

For those who don’t have time to click – see below for some interesting highlights from the survey.

Interesting Statistics from Luas Cross City Survey

When customers were asked what they liked about Luas, speed, frequency and convenience ranked highest, but reliability and punctuality were also factors.

Linking north and south Dublin, the 5.9km extension consisting of 13 stops has transformed the city.

Luas Cross City opened on December 9th 2017.

There were 37.6milllion Luas passenger journeys in 2017

59% of those surveyed using Luas Broombridge – St. Stephen’s Green are new customers who did not use Luas before. 62% of customers on the Luas Cross City part of the Green Line are working and 24% are students.

45% of those surveyed said they use Luas for new and different journeys; the newer journeys are mainly for leisure (35%) and shopping (17%).

There are more women using Luas Broombridge – St. Stephen’s Green than across the Luas network; 56% versus 47%. There, female customers are middle income and younger (under 50 years).

People over 55yrs were the first to start using the Luas Cross City part of the Green Line; 83% of those over 55yrs started using the new part of the Green Line straight after it opened.

Watch what some of our customers have to say about Luas here.

84% of customers will walk up to 9 mins to a Luas stop and 91% will walk 8 mins after alighting to their destination.

People under 35 years are the most frequent users of this section of Luas, with 75% of those aged 16-34yrs using it 5 days a week.

21% of customers on the Luas Cross City part of the Green Line travelling from the Northside are going south of St. Stephen’s Green.

Seamus Egan, MD, Transdev said: “97% customer satisfaction is a very high score and consistent with the overall Luas satisfaction score.

“The popularity of the city section is no surprise. Over the year since we opened we have observed the growth in numbers especially for those travelling outside of office hours.

“Students find it very convenient, while older people love the ease and the accessibility that it offers.

“Many customers hop on and off Luas to go uptown and downtown for business, shopping and sporting events. Dublin is continuously evolving, and Dubliners just love Luas”

Anne Graham, CEO of the National Transport Authority said: “The customer satisfaction figures are very encouraging and reflect the overall quality of service they get with Luas.

“They are a clear indication that when customers are presented with a public transport offering that is useful, reliable and value for money, they will respond very positively to it.

“The number of new journeys being taken is also very encouraging with retailers, restaurants and pubs benefiting. It is clear that the cross city service is having a very positive impact for communities and for businesses along the route.

“The extended Green Line has proved to be a very positive addition to the Transport for Ireland public transport network.”

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